Garden Route Rebranding


The Garden Route rebranding brilliantly illuminated town cultures and personalities. This newfound allure beckons tourists towards a unique journey. Meticulous research unveiled limited attraction accessibility, fueling innovation with streamlined directions and wayfinding. The core of the rebrand aimed to mirror the region’s intrinsic values: culture, history, nature, and attractions. Employing South African patterns, designers embedded hidden symbols within typography and icons, capturing the destination’s essence. The “Perfect fit” concept embodies inclusivity, promising unobstructed discovery and adventure.

The garden route rebranding deliverables

Prioritizing accessibility, the deliverables were tailored for intrepid 25-34-year-old adventurers, avid for immersive cultural connections. This dedication found form in an intuitive app, curating events to elevate experiences. A palette blending coastal hues with nature’s serenity painted an inviting visual tapestry, urging harmony with the surroundings. Guided by purpose, designs seamlessly unfold narratives, offering unhindered information access, and heightening vacations. Towering over this reimagining stands the app—a gateway to a myriad of attractions, the ultimate exploration tool. Amid achievement, the creator’s thirst for app design mastery persists—an emblem of the creative spirit’s perpetual quest for growth.