Kitty Cups Packaging Design


Introducing the Kitty Cups packaging design that is Convenient and Mess-Free.

The Kitty Cups were created to address the messy and time-consuming process of feeding cats. Traditional wet cat food packaging often leads to difficulties and mess. Kitty Cups offer a unique solution by providing user-friendly packaging that preserves the food, facilitates distribution, and is 100% recyclable. The tin packaging features a peel-off lid that transforms into a bowl for the cat to eat from, ensuring safety with rounded edges and a wider base. Once the cat is done, the packaging/cup can be easily recycled or repurposed.

The concept behind Kitty Cups is all about clean convenience. It simplifies the feeding process, reducing it to just 2 steps: Peel and Place. Primarily targeting 25-35-year-old cat owners who value convenience, Kitty Cups caters to their desire for a hassle-free lifestyle while taking care of their pets.

The brand identity of Kitty Cups is playful and fun, appealing to the target market. Playful illustrations and vibrant colours draw attention, while the cat food flavours are named after personality traits and movements that resonate with cat owners, adding a personal touch. In summary, Kitty Cups revolutionize cat food packaging, offering cat owners a mess-free and convenient solution. The user-friendly design and eco-friendly materials make feeding cats a breeze. With its playful brand identity and personalized flavour names, Kitty Cups stand out as the top choice for cat owners seeking a hassle-free feeding experience.